Even if I sit by the river over and over again I end up in a new state of awe every single time. Looking at the running water, listening to the hypnotizing sound it provokes, time goes by and without seeking it I end up in a deep state of meditation. It flows just like when I take the paintbrush and look at the empty canvas, my hand starts flowing and the traces start to appear. It may seem I am in control of the next trace but I suspect it’s the trace and the painting that is taking control over me. I give in and much like the river provoking the captivating sound, my paintbrush creates the hypnotizing moment. The more I look into it, the less I want to look away.

In the middle of the river I look uphill and see all the water moving towards me, then it all changes and looking downhill all that water is flowing away. It makes me think of the future approaching me and becoming my past as it passes me. Both are fascinating experiences from my present position. As I am painting I flip the canvas continuously and at the end there is a piece that flows in both ways. It all depends how you want to look at it, or when. Black and White River Series wants your imagination to flow freely, infinitely.


-Pipe Yanguas